Fimir Fianna Wip

Hello folks,here's my first serious try at sculpting. Anatomically this one is seriously lacking definition,but I'm happy with this first result. I'll probably sculpt more fimir in the future since I'd like to have an entire army (according with the 3rd edition rules) using the Beasts of chaos or Ogres rules. Still have to finish she swamp base and maybe add some celtic tattoos. Hope you like him.

Posted: 14 Oct 2009

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Wonderful. Great atmosphere to this mini. Love the axe. Course, I am a bit of a Fimir devotee.
23 Oct 2010
Great sculpt! i absolutely love the axe and leg armour design! the body itself has great details (breast area, neck, hands and feet, veins(!!!!), but the arm´s muscles seem anatomically incorrect in the pic. While the pose of the upper body is cool, i think you can improve on the legs. Fimirs are a cool idea to revive, but seeing your sculpting skills, there really is nothing you cannot create i think! Though your painting skills are great, i would even more love to see new sculpts from you. Keep it up!!!
17 Oct 2009 • Vote: 9
The Freehand on the banner is quite nice. Good job on your first attempt. Fimir are neat.
15 Oct 2009
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