Deathmaster Snikch

Copy of the studio paintjob that i did but in NMM. Really great fig, fun to paint. Any comments welcome. Cheers! Daz

Posted: 8 Nov 2009

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oh, and i almost forgot to mention the awsome blending on the face, looks really natural and smooth, the eye is worthy of mention as it looks very evil, its as if snikch has thought of a masterful plan to exterminate his enimises, or even freinds! the central warpstone in deathmaster's chest is very good, especialy the directional lighting effect on it, great stuff, cheers darren! pat
2 Feb 2011
this fig is apsolutly stunning and the nmm is great and smooth blending, the cloak is also very intersting and nicly painted! the one you painted for the studio was really good but i always find that when some one has mastered nmm such as your self (although i do think their is always room for improvment, even with the best of painters!) they should use it more often then not. it simply looks great, cheers daz, 10. regards pat
2 Feb 2011
Just stupendous - fantastic work as always. Can't ad more than that, perfect!
7 May 2010
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