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Just another mini

Posted: 11 Nov 2009

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Oh Wow!!! I guess this one took a couple of hours more to finish. Great detail work and extremly clean painting. A joy to see, really. I love how you worked out all those tiny great highlights. I also like your ideas for the shoulder pads and the weapon. This mini is painted with a lot of attention to each detail and I can see that you are a passionated painter. Amazing work!!!
24 Mar 2010 • Vote: 10
i dont like this model.... iiiiiiii LOVE IT!! the shoulders are criminally good. your work is fantastic easily the best librarian ive ever seen. a very daunting mini his pose kinda engulfs you. please comment on my pics i just put up
16 Nov 2009
After browsing the rest of your gallery, I came back to look at this mini again and realized that I'd missed some very subtle, beautiful touches that immediately raised it in my assessement: the freehand on the storm bolter and the highlighting on the hazard stripes are all signs of a masterpiece.
14 Nov 2009 • Vote: 9
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