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Posted: 13 Nov 2009

8.2 /10 (46 Votes) 1.3k Views

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WOw... stunning! Love to see him from the back! Great work! Keep on happy painting! Regards jar
14 Nov 2009 • Vote: 9
That is, without question, the best-painted Gimli I have every seen and within the top ten best-painted LOTR minis I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot!). Generally speaking, I only rate production minis - as opposed to conversions or sculpts - a maximum of 9, but I'm going to make an exception in this case. I suspect that those rating this 8 or 9 may not be fully aware of just how small this mini is and how effective this subtle and intricate patinjob really is. Amazing work!
14 Nov 2009 • Vote: 10

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