Ghost Miniatures Rangers #1

I have often carried on about the great quality and character of Ghost Miniatures. Here are all the Rangers they put out assembled into a neat warband for Chainmail , Mordheim or whatever. I spose they could also be used for Huntsmen in WFB. Following Old Glory’s Historical model, there are no two figs alike, which I really like. And the figs all have great expressions on their faces! Frequently when I post in the forums about doing human skin I use the same recipe. This time I wanted to try out something a little different – a recipe I saw in the High Elves Army Book. Look, Ma! No inks! ·On a Black Primed fig, I dotted in the whites of the eyes first. Then I gave the skin a basecoat of Vermin Brown leaving out the almond shapes for the eyes. ·To Vermin Brown I mixed in, to a 50:50 ratio, Dwarf Flesh. This I painted on all over leaving the deepest recesses Vermin Brown. If your paints are thin enough they just barely cover allowing the edges to remain soft. This made the blends super easy. ·Then covering slightly less ground I made that mix a 75:25, Dwarf Flesh: Vermin Brown. Again I made sure the paint was thin. ·Then another round of highlights with just Dwarf Flesh was applied. ·Finally Dwarf Flesh was mixed in with Elf Flesh to a ratio of 50:50 and only the highest points were touched with this mix – bridge of the nose, top of the cheek bones and above the brow a bit and along the knuckles. See the other 3 pics in this series for other recipes I used on these figs. Questions and comments are welcome . . .

Posted: 25 May 2003

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24 Jan 2011 • Vote: 10
Quality work. The expressions are great and the color scheme is complex without being convoluted.
7 Jul 2003 • Vote: 7

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