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He who is the greatest. He who was born in the light of a dying galaxy. He who stands there for hundreds of years, forgotten. He who bears the spear of gods. He who has the shield called “Continental Eclipse”. He who has THE helmet – a gift from Heracles. He who has the knife of wisdom from Odysseus. He who has the juice of might which has caused this once in a lifetime ugly farting session some while ago. He who has the strength of the titans burnt in his flesh by a blue steel flame making weird warrior language signs and mystic ancient epic runes come together as one. He who was forgotten there in the ancient lands. He who was forgotten by all the epic myths around heros and gods. He who should keep an eye out at Zeus apple basket. He who was chosen to protect the apples of gods. He who kills a hundred apple mad Cyclops a day. He who will never be defeated in battle. He who is still holding his breath to the coasts of some news from Zeus about his apples. He who will always stand there until the end of the worlds. The ancient hero Maulg... More information about the model and the conversion you may find here: Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman

Posted: 27 Dec 2009

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fantastic!! just a little more shodows somewhere. But really a great feeling and atmosphere Bravo! Doc
6 Apr 2010 • Vote: 10
Thank you very much for all of your comments... the coloumns are from, and are named Dwarf coloumns... i just did break them in pieces as they are made out of gypsum... glad you like this version of Carlos... finally somebody realizes the forgotten Ancient Hero Maulg :)
10 Feb 2010
Very nice this one. This figure is one of my favorites and you did a great job. I wanted to ask, how did you make the columns/pillars on the base?
9 Jan 2010 • Vote: 9
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