Lafhelga Brutisdaughter Rune Wyrd of the Broken Peak

Hi, this has been another joyful paintjob. Great detailled sculpt as always by Tre'. I had some problems taking a good picture of her, guess because of the snow and my brainless use of a new camera. Maybe i am going to take some more shots someday, but anyway i know that she is not painted to perfection, just for relaxation after all ... Hope you like her! Sorry for the bad pictures. More information about the model and a photo of her in my cabinet (maybe better i don't know) you may find here: Also there have been some Tutorials on her: Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman

Posted: 4 Jan 2010

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I keep hearing Wayne and Garth saying "We're not worthy!" when I look at your painting.
1 Oct 2010 • Vote: 10
Thanks a lot for your comments :)
10 Feb 2010
Nice work overall - the face is outstanding though!
9 Feb 2010 • Vote: 9
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