Mortheim Witchhunter

Aloa, a comission job. There will be a group of some Mortheim witchhunters sooner or later. A tutorial on the face you may find here: A tutorial on the gaming base you find here: More information to the model you may find here: Hope you like him! Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman

Posted: 7 Jan 2010

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i enjoy your historical interpretation of your models. i hope to achieve that sort of realism in my paintings. the buyer of this piece will definatly be happy with the purchase. if you got a minute jar could u comment on a few of my mini's
12 Jan 2010
Can't give you a ten...because of your other works of the last weeks;) still very cool!
7 Jan 2010
Stunning face,great job!
7 Jan 2010 • Vote: 10

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