hi there! this is a mini i painted for odd miniatures( blitzkrieg bob). I changed him a little bit, he get the middle finger and a stone in his another hand! you can see the original in bobs gallery! it was great funn to paint this fella!! thanks for that dirk!!

Posted: 20 Jan 2010

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Dunkle Zeiten
Is he also 15mm? Then the heck its a quite good one! The pose of the miniature cries out loud for some "action based highlightning" which you have done very well. As I dont know the scale, I suggest instead of "drybrushing" add some layers (two at minimimum for starters) of colours will do a better job. The minis' coat is excellent in its sketchy way. Love it. B.T.W: Youth apart school needs some activities, and throwing stones trains the hand-to-eye coordination!!!
15 May 2010
Yep, looks good. No bad.
23 Jan 2010 • Vote: 8


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