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dying Gaia
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: Modern

by jarhead


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dying Gaia

dying Gaia


Something strange, sculpted by me some months ago as my first sculpting moments...

Strange but somehow i always have to finish what i start. Done back in Graz/Austria at a stay by my good old buddy Roberto in Octobre 2009 as one of my first sculpting experiments i had produced this, a weirdo sculpt, without concept and no experience in working with fimo.

It is not small, about 15 cm tall and sculpted with two left hands, but there is something in it - i had a moment to catch it. It is now called "Dying Gaia" and is roughly finished to what it shall be - wtf??

I know something strange and it must be for sure look very weirdo, but maybe some of you see the same in it that i see...

A WIP shot can be seen over here:

Hope you like this sculpt, even it is very unusual and unprofessional...

Keep on happy painting and sculpting!

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Viewer comments:
#323546 Rating: 9 1 Jun 2010
*precinctomega: question what are we judging on? is this hobby not an art form? i view all of my pieces as art. i use the influence of things i have read. but i interpret them via my own creative mind. is that not the very definition of art? just saying... i myself like this piece..very cool. be well. p
#321609 Rating: 7 8 May 2010
"wtf?" indeed. Whilst it's a pleasant change to see something unquestionably "art" on CMON, it's not really up there with the rest of your stuff; or doesn't seem to be, at least. For artistic merit, I'd give it an 8. But we're not judging artistic merit on CMON.
#316756 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2010
I think it`s cool. Looks like a mixture of human and plant. Very abstract but really not bad.
#316746 Rating: 10 3 Mar 2010
I do not understand this, but i like it ... it is very interesting and inspiring best regards MB
#316683 Rating: 10 2 Mar 2010
Unprofessional...Roman..this is absolutely beautiful to me! I am truly inspired by this...Thank you, you are a true artist.
#316648 Rating: 9 2 Mar 2010
Very relevant to our times
#316639 Rating: 9 2 Mar 2010
At least really weird ^^






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