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Yeah, the codex states them as Great Harlequins, but they've always been High Avatars to me! All my squad was based on actual Harlequins from Italian Commedia Del'Arte. Ever wonder why a High Avatar has a big nose? Capitano, the military character. He had a mask with a large nose and always played up false bravery. Hence, I used a color scheme of a Reinassence Italian Military uniform. The banner is quite big, and I could have made it smaller, but what's the fun in that? :p

Posted: 3 Jun 2003

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Great job on the armour, but I think the helmet and the feathers (?) on his head look a bit flat...
4 Jun 2003 • Vote: 7
Great job, Chris. The banner looks excellent and I love the colors. Would love to see a close up of the avatar, he looks like he's got some great detail :)
3 Jun 2003 • Vote: 9
awesome paintjob! I like the contrast of the blue wilth the orange. the banner fits very well.A brighter and more sharper pic of this mini would be very usefull.
3 Jun 2003

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