Kicking Harlequin

This is the only one that I liked out of the troops I made for my GD LA 2003 squad. I think it's mostly because of the pose and face. The rest were done in one day, and I really do not like them. I chose color schemes from classic Harlequins and Mimes. This guy was patterned after Marcel Mareau (who I once saw on stage- man is a genius). One thing I'm just now realizing: I pointed the toes out for dynamics, but in real life when you're kicking, you don't EVER do that! People break toes that way. Oh, well.. his suit must be made from the finest Eldar Space Age Polymers! :P

Posted: 3 Jun 2003

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you do point the foot in martial arts kicks, and "curl " the toes ack so the strike is made with the ball of the foot.
15 Sep 2004
No Such Agency
He's pointing his toes for a killing strike to the larynx, obviously. /fanwank
28 Aug 2004 • Vote: 7
Hey, you point your toes when you'r looking for just a bit more rotation... Anyway, I was going through a bunch of yours, and the most recent set has some chalky highlighing, this one included. The pose is dynamic, though.
3 Oct 2003
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