Fight in the Shadows

Now that we see multiple angles, it reinforces the Matrix-esque quality. I think I could stand to go back and redo the glow on the base, and the Dark Eldar but I think most everything else is fine. Story goes I entered this in LA GD 2003 deul, only to find there was no deul category.... Oh well, que sera sera seree. Also, notice the expression of the Mandrake? He doesn't look too happy.. :P

Posted: 3 Jun 2003

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T. Baggins
Super idea, the only thing I'd do is some tiny highlights on every portion of the rock that faces the sword, that will reinforce the lightsourcing. As it is it kind of looks like someone spilled their mountain dew:) Good conversion work.
6 Jul 2003 • Vote: 8
Quite nice, but I think the base should be glossy for having such reflection...
22 Jun 2003 • Vote: 7

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