Dire Troll Earthborn

"This child of Dhunia is able to adapt to the terrain surrounding it. Even more frightening, it can adapt to imitate its enemy's power. An Earthborn Diretroll charging into a warjack has skin as hard as iron and great meaty fists as imperishable as steel. They are the ultimate expression of troll adaptability. That which they cannot destroy outright they mimic and proceed to tear asunder." I really wanted to literally express the comment above in my mini. I've seen people who have used Privateer Press' heavy wreck markers as the base that the Earthborn is punching and adapting from, but I wanted to take it one step further. Hence the fact that it's destroying an Ancestral Guardian. Rather than cutting up chunks of metal Ancestral Guardian, I made negative molds out of different parts of model, which I then cast out of green stuff. Since they were already bits (and made out of Green Stuff) it was a lot easier to break up into rubble. I then painted up the base like a normal ancestral guardian, and painted the Earthborn's arm like it was adapting off the broken statue. His rocks are rubies, his skin obsidian and his nails gold.

Posted: 20 Mar 2010

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Thanks for the comment jah! I'm a great fan of your work and you compliment means a great deal to me =)
20 May 2010 • Vote: 9
nice, original, idea on this guy...well done...
21 Mar 2010

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