Teztaplitoca, Fat Maya-Champion

Hola Amigos! This is Teztaplitoca, fat maya champion! his 4,5 cm tall. this guy is made from magic sculpt. for me this work was a great new experiance cause i never sculpt a naked body before, espacialy a big one like this, with muscles and things! always lookin fotos and reading books;):)! i realy happy with the result. there will follow another three or four fat champions. based at the mexican conquest. yeah, i hope you people like this one. feel free to left any comment!:)

Posted: 25 May 2010

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Nice sculpt!!! I think it will be amazing to paint it!! Compliments mate!! 10
21 Sep 2010 • Vote: 10
I love it; just wish he was 28mm scale. Nice sculpting - you continue to improve!
26 May 2010 • Vote: 8
Dunkle Zeiten
He speznaz, really outstanding sculpt, as I know how difficult this might be to get the right anatomy. The face is great, you catched the eye-lid position, nose and cheeks very well. Although a bit large, the nose is excellent shaped. I like the muscle shape of trizeps and bizeps, which makes him an excellent oponent and to fear of. In contrast, I think the stomach is a little bit to large ("Plautze"), and also the muscles on the ribcage, he must have had a special diet. But as you called him "the FAT champion" he goes great along with. Imho all feathers of yours could be a little more defined. Maybe he could come with sandales instead of furry bootstraps, that would fit his background a little more. But the overall pose of him fits great, as he might be a thread by reputation (and therefore he hasn't to figth at all), and not by speed in combat. -- Beneath that, I think you did a great job on backround check and the mini is a good result of this -- Bravo.
26 May 2010 • Vote: 9


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