Steampunk Jen Haley

Jen Haley, as painted by Jen Haley. :-) A heartfelt thanks to Jim Ludwig of Dark Sword for the tribute. I'm sure I'll be doing several versions of this figure over the next year. Let's see--I look good in red, and my Aetherial Inversion Ray really should be glowing, and I've always wanted a clockwork familiar...

Posted: 22 Jul 2010

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Awesome! Love the streak in the hair!
20 Jan 2013 • Vote: 10
Excellent, as expected. I love the colours, they are so vibrant. The overall palette is excellent. Detail++ Application++ Would have liked to see more angles and perhaps a close up on those amazing skin tones.
13 Oct 2010
I love steampunk and this particular creation is fantastic. Very inspiring! Am waiting for more versions from you, or what :D
4 Aug 2010
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