Another Morbid Puppet

This is my favorite of the morbid puppets with swords, mostly because of the strugle to get up and fight! The back of the sculpt isn't as interesting as the front, which is it's only problem. I tried a goldish brass and a beat up texture on the shield which worked out well and I'm sure to use on other figs (heck, used it on the rest of the morbid puppets already!) In case you can't tell, that's a new background please tell me if it's a big difference from the grey! :P

Posted: 18 Jun 2003

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I like the shield and armor, they came out good. I think the sword blade could have been more of a different color to make ti stand out more though.
28 Mar 2004
think your new background is an improvement. Like your puppets.
19 Jun 2003 • Vote: 10

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