Arwen Evenstar

Hi all, This is my favourite LOTR miniature by far, great fun to paint. Any comments welcome! :) Cheers, Daz

Posted: 13 Aug 2010

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Another beautiful mini :) It makes me believe that if I stroked the horse it'd feel like a real one! I love the skin tone as well, particularly the rosy glow on the cheeks. So far, I've not seen any other LOTR minis painted to look so full of life. Are there any tips for getting such rich colours as on her overcoat or is it just a case of practice and developing a good eye for colour?
9 Mar 2011
Just beautiful, the whole thing as a piece including the perfectly suited base, spot on!
9 Feb 2011
Lovely stuff, irritatingly good :)
9 Feb 2011
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