The Butcher

hey CMON... this is my first display quality commission... basically the same as my competition level paintjobs, but on a proper display base... my brief from the customer was to take the studio scheme and make it better... no pressure there!!! i made a few changes from the studio scheme, as there were a few places where the armor wasn't red that bothered me on the original... for the most part, the rest is stock... i was asked to give him a red face, as if he was really enraged, and fighting hard... i'm not sure if i pulled it off... this was my first time painting a buzz-cut hairstyle, which turned out alright... definitely something to play with more in the future... i had a lot of fun raising the contrast to my previous red armor paintjobs... this is the first time that i have shaded red with blue... in the mix it looks great, although the camera didn't really capture the purple tone that it gives... the highlights went up to a peach color, which is also new for me... the red ink washes at the end really knock it back, but the contrast gives a nice depth... getting to practice my battle damage some more was fun, as well... i decided to put some turquise in the white fur to make it a little more visually interesting than just shading with grey... hopefully you can see it... as far as i can remember, this is the first time i've painted realistic blood on a weapon... all my attempts at blood have looked horrible in the past... i think i'm starting to get the hang of it... finally, when it came time to do the base, i had originally planned to put snow flock down... when the customer nixed that idea, the light frosting effect i had painted on didn't cut it... so i came back, and made the frost heavier... hopefully it looks like he is radiating cold out from his center, as illustrated by the one leaf being fully frosted, and the other two just being inside the edge of his radiating cold wave... seemed like an interesting idea... the resin base itself is one of the awesome custom plinths from Voodooworx... they have some wicked pieces i will be using more of in the future... thanks Wil... you rock!!! i hope you guys like him... my next piece will be even better;)... detail pics coming soon... thanks for lookin'... cheers jah

Posted: 16 Aug 2010

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Very nice, I really like the rust, and burnished metal look. How did you do that if you don't mind saying? Or could you point me to a good tutorial?
29 Aug 2012 • Vote: 10
Very stunning mini! Love it!
8 Sep 2010
lovely, especially that metal's awesome!
16 Aug 2010
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