Ultramarine - The Last Stand

Small Ultramarine inspired by Cesnak's & older Majo's work. Wanted to portray dramatic moment of tired, wounded and out-of-ammo Ultramarine taking his last stand. Just small short-time dio made of some Space Marine Command Squad & Catachan Jungle Fighters parts, with base from Scibor. And as always - any comments, ideas or critics are welcome... Lot of W.I.P. pictures can be found on my blog: http://dtsmodelling.blogspot.com/ - it's in slovak lang, but pictures doesn't need any translation :) THIS MINI WAS SOLD.

Posted: 2 Sep 2010

This product was listed on Ebay on 30 Jan 2013

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Thought it might have really worked if he'd been hanging his head, and a shadow on the base of things to come, a Tyranid shadow, perhaps. As it is, awesome, great colours, etc. Like the markings on the base, well done!
3 Sep 2010 • Vote: 9
The paintjob is superb, but the position and "body talk" feels strange to me. Still far above the average. :)
3 Sep 2010
amazing...gratz DT...
2 Sep 2010

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