Grim Greyrune

It's an attempt at NMM. This first experiment tought me a few lessons. 1. The horizon is (or should be for the most part) horizontal. Otherwise it looks... odd. 2. It takes thought, planning and time to paint NMM. Sorry about the small pictures, comments are welcome.

Posted: 24 Jun 2003

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Well, that's a nice attempt at SENMM. It isn't easy to do, as you say; it requires some planning and forethought. But you did a great job nevertheless. It looks like grey sky and grey hills. The only problem is that the elevated parts of the plates (the crenelations on the thigh plates, for example) would need to show the effect as well, unless you're deliberately tring to make them look different, in which case, they should have different coloration (personal opinion). I tried to do NMM on this miniature as well, and failed miserably.
11 Apr 2007 • Vote: 7

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