Black TEMPLAR BIKE I looked closer the Akire and am long time I could not stop to think about the bike which I remember from WD. There was something similar so I started to work on it and this is the result – the hi-tech bike. To this model I used the parts from few armies (Eldars, Taus,...). As usually a big help was again the magic box with all not used parts from all models I build in the past. The model is build in 100% from the GW parts, so it may be represented on all the tournaments. CDN.....

Posted: 27 Jun 2003

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nice effort, i think your painting could be a little crisper to add punch to an otherwise excellently designed model... i would suggest you write an article with step by step shots to show how you made this, this is a good looking bike.
20 Dec 2009 • Vote: 7
I think the Bike looks very cool, the Akira imagery is certainly there. The only thing I don't like is the biker, i think he should be as futuristic as the bike, to further impact the image. With the brown monk cape, he looks completely out of place on the bike, doesn't look at all to belong to the same design language, which causes problems, since it looks like he's stolen the bike, rather than own it. In a sense a small thing, but in this case a Black templar with extra targeters and some techy stuff would've suited better, IMO. Anyway, it's a nice piece no doubt. Cheers
17 Nov 2009
Awesome! One of the coolest conversions I've ever seen. This is going in my favorites.
13 Jun 2009 • Vote: 10
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