Alien contact

Well, this is aggressive contact indeed. Outcomes are unpredictable... Collector - Coolminiornot

Posted: 7 Dec 2010

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This is messed up. It is well painted and everything, but totally messed up. Rape in warfare is a seriously horrifying reality, and this looks more like a sexual fantasy than the ugliness of what would actually occur. Again, well painted and everything, but wow, a lot of issues with this. Bad taste. 1/10.
7 months ago • Vote: 1
Everyone is missing a key detail on why she will not get raped. There is an exposed blade in the mud she is looking at. This is why the artist says the outcome is unkown. She is going to grab the blade and fight her way out.
18 Mar 2017 • Vote: 6
Incredibly well done. Thanks for your explanation about breastplate and the spirit stone. It all make sense indeed.
29 Jan 2016 • Vote: 8
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