My land is dead, but you will pay!

This is steampunk vision of a wood elf. Dead and defiled forests, polluted sacred glades, and a vow to revenge for this. Novels of James Fenimore Cooper - The Last of the Mohicans and other of the series ispired me too while i created this mini. In fact, the girl armed with axe cus of that). And because tree killers must be finished with the very same weapon they use for their cruel deeds too. Costume of the elf shows the fact she already half-belong to new human civilization, although she deny this.

Posted: 17 Dec 2010

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To Keeper ))) Are you blind? Look at the the terrain)) this is future! That's new civilization, never mind the costume! He was just attending "Goldies Oldies" party in Hammesmith)))
24 Dec 2010
Hi, Again a realy proper miniature...but for me all your paintjobs looks a bit flat...without volume or texture. I think it's a problem with colours value (i don't think if i can say like that in english)...if you look at you mini in white and black...every parts look the same don't have some light, dark and middletones parts...try to juxtapose light and dark parts and your minis will gain more volume. I hope you understand what i mean... Cheer
20 Dec 2010 • Vote: 8
Ok. I love the story of this but the elf is just too "unrealistical" "clean" and "doll-like" compared to the base. I am not really feeling the textures on the miniature at all except for the nice NMM. I don't know if it's like this for you but I had a period in my painting where I obsessed over smooth blends. I didn't want to do much weathering as that would cover the blends I just did. It resulted in everything looking a bit samey in the textures department. If you could drop a bit of that and experiment more with your painting this would be ace. You already have the techniques so I am very much looking forward your progress. 8.5 Sven
19 Dec 2010
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