Supreme Intelligence bust - overview view

This bust again has been a high honour for me to paint - it is sculpted by Jordu Schell of Schell Sculpture Studios, who some of you might know from the movie business. For example, Mr. Schell was also involved in the character design of the movie Avatar. This bust is around 9 inches tall (including a bigger podestal) so it is rather big, but hey big model means a big brush for a gorilla and i love hitting such spots with colour and a mighty club - sometimes i did use a smaller brush too, like a sword or a dagger but i love clubbing boom boom colour boom! I hope you like my vision of this bust - i first saw it on the Website of Schell Sculpture Studio and was in love right on the spot. Evil Alien force looking into your soul, galaxies have died in these eyes. If you are intrested in Schell Sculpting Studio visit: Visit Massive Voodoo for bigger photos and an upcoming Step by Step article about my painting thoughts on this bust. Keep on happy painting! Best Regards and a deep Kong Fu bow to Jordu Schell... Roman Information: You are looking at the overview collage i will upload beside 1 detailed collage and a big single photo. If you are intrested in other views and details feel invited to see my gallery or Massive Voodoo visited. Gratitude for your time reading all this... cheers!

Posted: 24 Feb 2011

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This is one of the creepiest busts I've ever seen, totally AWESOME!!!!! Love the colors you used to get him to look like that, you have quite the eye.
23 Aug 2011 • Vote: 10
Thanks a bunch again!
17 Jun 2011 • Vote: 10
Great job!!! I like it a lot.
21 Apr 2011 • Vote: 10
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