Medusa's spy - detailed view

Medusa's spy Several years before Perseus enters the cave of Medusa to slain her there have been many other forgotten heros sent for this task. Among them was young Nereida, another daughter of all time horny Zeus, searching her destiny by freeing the world of those Gorgons. Her will, bravery and fortune will guide her way, at least she thought that. She walked the lands to reach her goal at the cave of Medusae. While passing the wild coasts she saw Medusas cave appear more and more. Everywhere statues of heros, animals and other once alive individuals marked the way. Nereida pushed on and even as the heavens darkened and a mighty blizzard struck down from the clouds to warn her that she was getting close to great danger, she still walked on. Her heart nearly exploded in her chest from the aticpation and these thousands of souls forever edged in stone by the look of Medusas eyes. Many still stand where they have gazed upon the evil monster, forever carved in stone. Nereida came closer to a temple complex up to a coastal peak and realized the massive amount of statues - she was close. Close to the liar of the Medusa, now was the time to proof herself worthy to the gods themself and suddenly everything became still, the blizzard stopped, the air stopped to whisper and everything was calm. Even the air seemed to slipp away and breathing became hard for Nereida. In this moment she saw the little bird and knew why no one ever was able to surprise Medusa. There it was, the spy of the Medusa. ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Model is from Hasslefree. Wonderful Artemis in 40 mm. Hope you like this little story told. Some photos somehhow show the snow very yellowish, no idea why but in real that fact won't hit you that worse. The stone dwarf in front comes from very skilled Tre' of Red Box Games (sorry Tre' for using your models as a statue - there will be something painted normal again). The little bird comes from the Busch - Little Animal Set - information can be found here: A tutorial about the freehand on the shield can be found here: The snow is made that way: The icicles are done in this way: Work in Progress talk, bigger photos and more information can be found here: Feel invited to leave a comment with your oppinion, ideas, thoughts, feelings, criticism, suggestions or simply something funny! Keep on happy painting! Best Regards Roman

Posted: 28 Feb 2011

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Love the shagging bunnies.
31 Mar 2012 • Vote: 9
Watching your works is like best painting school to me. Thanx for sharing!
16 Mar 2011
amazing paint job and the best snow base I have ever seen. the only thing i don't really like is the bird!
10 Mar 2011
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