El-Hassyyun - Paint it 2010 - JMD

Hi guys Here you are my last Piece, that will join the PAINT IT 2010 Event! El-Hassyyun - Assassin Perse by JMD Amazing sculpt by Remy Tremblay In this piece I try to give to the scene and to miniature Arabian Style as possible. And also I try to overcome my fear to paint red coat :D The behind scene is made by plaster arc , a piece of earring, some pieces of wood for naval models and the flag is made with the cigarette paper.. The little particulars on the background are made with copper sheet and with some iron wires and plastic net to avoid mosquitos Anyway I found interesting paint this Character, because as I wrote before the sculpting is amazing and the casting is perfect. I hope you like it as always, comments, suggestions and criticisms are welcome. Cheers Trevis ;)

Posted: 4 Apr 2011

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Gran pezzo, alta qualità e ottima scelta dei colori! solo qualche remora sulle fattezze del volto, ma sono dettagli da poco. complimenti!
12 Apr 2011
thank you guys for every comments!! :D
11 Apr 2011 • Vote: 10
Meraviglioso e originale.
11 Apr 2011
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