Phoenix king Caledor II

As far as I know, this model is the only one that represents famous Phoenix King Caledor II riding elven steed Aloas, which was presented to king as a gift from people of Athel Loren, during the War of the Beard. Model is fully converted, scale barding added (painstakingly cut and trimmed from silver helm knight horse) and sculpted in a way that it gives flowing motion of horse gallop especially looking from a front, as well as detailed harness and reins (with jewels) and rolled equipment behind cloak. The Phoenix king wears royal purple, cloak with elven script on the bottom, and, as hailing from Caledor, Dragonshield. Also, I gave him a healing potion (on the left hip), frostblade Ailas and war crossbow (trophy from druchii raid). Comments welcome.

Posted: 3 Jun 2011

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