Space Wolf Lord, Silver GD Spain 2011

Silver Single Warhammer 40K category in Golden Demon Spain 2011. Please comment it. Regards.

Posted: 8 Jul 2011

8.7 /10 (64 Votes) 4.4k Views

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Rafa Coll
Me encanta los tonos de la piel, y el contraste de azules y amarillos de este lobo espacial. Felicidades por el merecido premio.
24 Jul 2011 • Vote: 10
I think it's beautiful, very nice work. The posture and mood of this mini is great and the technique looks good. I do think you overdid the lightsource fall of on the back. It looks a bit odd that the top of the same armour plate is brightly lit while the bottom is in shadow. I also think the NMM can be improved, try a little bit less of midtones and more darks and glares. As a general rule of thumbs, the more reflective a surface the more contrast and sharp highlights. Do not line all the corners of a plate, keep the brightest highlights for light reflections. Hope the critique is helpful. Sven
10 Jul 2011
I like it
8 Jul 2011

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