WANTED - El Marquez 2.0 - Tale Of War

Hi guys this is the last work. Wanted - El Marquez 2.0 During a trip I ruined my El marquez work that I've done last year ( here the link : http://www.coolminiornot.com/251189 ) So I decided to do a second version of this bust that I love only for fun!!! All comments are very welcome, thank you in advance Cheers Trevis :D

Posted: 15 Sep 2011

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Bravissimo Cesare questo si che e un Ottimo Lavoro.
24 Sep 2011 • Vote: 10
dogfacedboy uk1
I have this bust, I have not painted it yet, but you've just made me want to drop everything and start it, must resist........lol. Seriously, great job and I love the additional details on the base. I would have liked some brighter colours in there somewhere, but nevertheless a striking job matey! dfb
24 Sep 2011 • Vote: 10
amon chakai
Ottimo lavoro... ottime texture! mi piace questo pezzo... si capisce bene il tuo stile!
16 Sep 2011 • Vote: 10
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