Ultramarines Contemptor Dreadnought - Bronze GDUK 2011 40k Vehicle

This was my Bronze winning entry to the 40k Vehicle category at this years Golden Demon UK. This is the first vehicle (let alone large model) I have painted in around 10+ years so it was a much bigger challenge than I had at first considered - particularly given that I had 2 weeks from clean up and assembly to finished and mounted on it's plinth. More information on how it was put together can be found on my blog - http://http://cmdante.blogspot.com/

Posted: 15 Oct 2011

7.8 /10 (43 Votes) 4.4k Views

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14 Aug 2014 • Vote: 10
Fantastic model! Why it only has 7.7 I dont know.
2 May 2012 • Vote: 9
carcharodon carcharias
Exact opposite of the kinda painting I do, but great pose, wonderful detailing
7 Dec 2011
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