Ork scout tank

This light raider was converted from Russian light tank T-18, with sculpting teeth, tube, shields. Painting scheme is orkishly typical and brightly buffoonish :) If you have emotions or thoughts about this work, do not fear - comment :)

Posted: 5 Dec 2011

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I approve fully of the build. Nice and orky. A bit clean in my opinion though. Would do well with more rust and grime.
20 Feb 2012 • Vote: 8
Wrroommm!! Tof! Tof! Wrrooooooo ... tof! I can feel the vibe! Love it! Keep on happy painting! Best Wishes Roman
12 Dec 2011 • Vote: 10
Very nice piece, I like the lines of the tank and great use of colors. Great work...cheers,..b.
8 Dec 2011 • Vote: 9
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