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Posted: 27 Jan 2012

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Absolutely amazing how you master the sheer-clothes technique! Even adding extra freehand on it is just making me speechless. I'm about to give the technique a try and will definately use many of your artworks as a reference. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!
10 Feb 2012
When some people are able to cram that much detail and freehand into a mini it can look a bit cluttered and like nothing more than showing off at the cost of the overall mini. This is what lavish freehand should look like... adding to the feel of the mini and giving if more grandure. It's a tiny mini too... or you have found a way to grow money in size. I'd love to get a few more of your minis! Your style is a favorite of mine.
7 Feb 2012 • Vote: 10
This is beautiful and better than I can do, but not a ten unless one considers the freehand alone, which is spectacular both on her cloak and the material on her torso. There are blemishes of blue paint visible on her left knee, the same one in both photos showing her knee so it's very unlikely an artifact; the opacity of her garment runs too high and chalky on her midriff and just down her pelvis; where her hair meets the garment on her left breast it is actually blue in areas that should not be reflecting blue, especially in the center of her breasts; her neck is also blue right above the clasp of her cloak; there are blemishes on her right hip and right breast that look like pigments or flaws in the material.
4 Feb 2012 • Vote: 9
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