Blood Angels chaplain

Just another mini

Posted: 18 Aug 2003

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Thats an old school mini isnt it? Love the blood, looks killer, one minor down point, the soles of the dead marines boots, they should probably have tread of some kind on them.
12 Nov 2006
A sexy model, to be sure. I agree with others about some of the wild colours - as we all know, Blood Angels are very sensitive artistically - but the conversion and the methods are just sweet. I love the blood in the grail; it's perfectly legal, too: Chaplains, honour guard standard bearers, and the Sanguinary High Priest may all carry Grails into combat.
6 Apr 2004
Being a blood angels man myself, this is lovely. I really like it but it seems a bit to colorful to join the death company, also isn't the cup/grail thing supposed to be held by the sanguinary priests, n e way its so nice i can ignore this
19 Feb 2004
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