I got fed up with trying to do perfect SENMM on all those little area over a black primer, so I did colored NMM on white! The colors just came out of expirimenting and evolved into something a bit more colorful, but I hope it's still imposing to some people. This was a good peice to let me figure out contrast, as I was using black so much for shading. Another interesting note is that the gold NMM part of the scarabs on the base were done without any yellows! If you notice some inconsistancies in the model itself, that's where I bit it... hey, I said I the black primer ticked me off! :P

Posted: 19 Aug 2003

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NIce work - one of the few GW figures I like - because it's not hugely over-detailed
26 Dec 2013 • Vote: 9
spike 92
rachels right about the robe since it looks like u drybrushed around the robe on the arms. i love the bleached effect on the skin and the NMM on the scarbs is guiness
19 Jul 2004 • Vote: 10
What the hell, I was leaning toward an 8 but I'm giving you a 9 because the execution of the skin is just so cool. The robe is definitely lacking - it's a bit rough looking in some places eg the deepest creases, not enough transition between them and the highest points. However, the skin looks excellent. I can't imagine doing it over a black primer, I use white for all the hard stuff :) . Great job on an imposing mini. Jomi - nmm is non-metallic-metal (a silly term, but it's just the one that's evolved), se-nmm is sky-earth nmm, referring to the way Chrispy's painted the reflections of the environment around the mini.
24 Aug 2003 • Vote: 9
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