Space Wolves Relic Dreadnought

Hello everyone! This has been my most ambitious project in a long while, but now it's finally finished! xD The story is taking place during the burning of Prospero period, that's while the dread is holding a Thousand Sons unfortunate marine, or rather his lifeless carcass! This is one of my favorite chapters in the history of Space Marines and I hope to do more works in this theme in the future! The next one will be a somewhat reverse situation of a Thousand Sons sorcerer dread, defending the home planet. Well, at least that's the idea for now. Maybe I will manage to finish it this year. I hope you like him! Please leave your oppinions and vote! Other views: ________________________________________________ I ACCEPT COMMISSIONS. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY A PM AT MY PROFILE!

Posted: 20 Feb 2012

9.7 /10 (710 Votes) 116.6k Views

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Love at the first sight !!! Astonishing !
5 Jul 2019 • Vote: 8
Lord Pancake
Amazing work
11 Apr 2019 • Vote: 10
30 Jan 2018 • Vote: 9
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