Sorceress on Manticore

Blast from past - Sorceress on Manticore... Back in '07 I got manticore to work on with my beloved statement "just make some conversion". Just after I put my hands on it I realised that with little corrections this model fits well to some "duel" schemed action. On top sit Morathi that left from some work on dark pegasuses that I had before. Sadly those are only photos that I got of it - taken by my old cell vga camera. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to find will in myself to make such things... and even Im thinking about "getting back to business" but question is - am I still able to?

Posted: 7 Mar 2012

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Kara Jane
Very cool. Hate to think how heavy and clumsy it is though.
10 Mar 2012 • Vote: 8

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