Battlefleet Gothic Cruiser

I dont actually play battlefleet but i really liked thte models and the amount of detail they posses i know the picture is rubbish and i know the models are of a tabletop quality but i was wondering if you could give me any pointers on painting the ships when i actually get round to playing the game

Posted: 29 Aug 2003

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i think the way you painted this ship the best thing you could do is give it a dip wash i personally use a mixture if highly sugared black coffe and a dark waterbased wood stain . you have the high and midtones you just got to pull back the blacks and a wash would blend them all very nice. plus focus on your strat nothings better than totally deystoryiing some kids perfectly painted fleet with you TTQ ships so it makes it even more sweet that your paint jobs aren't yet at a super pro level.
13 May 2005

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