Steampunk Dreams of Wonderland

"Alice is a character of mysterious origin, seeming to appear from nowhere in the midst of a skirmish to tilt the course of a conflict one way or another, before disappearing just as quickly. Usually seen with her clockwork rabbit in tow, her true allegiances are unknown; all that can be said for sure is that her help is welcomed by those who receive it." This was my entry for the 'Crystal Brush' competition back in April, and casts of the figure are now part of my Guild of Harmony steampunk range of 32mm figures. Now available at the Guild of Harmony online store:

Posted: 24 Aug 2012

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A fantastic piece of sculpture. I really like the subtle details on Alice linking the figure to her adventures in Wonderland. Love the rabbit!
18 Mar 2013 • Vote: 6
Wow! Love it! Great job!
23 Dec 2012 • Vote: 10
Saw this in person at Adepticon earlier this year - absolutely fantastic. The mirror is a great touch. I guess the only thing I'd change is that I'd have done the caterpillar in blue.
4 Sep 2012 • Vote: 10
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