Captain Bartolo Montador aka Broadsides Bart

hey CMON... here is my first piece for charity... painted for the Clash for a Cure, going down in Texas next month... being given free rein on this guy, i wanted to try a few new things with paint mixes... i used to hate mixing paint, but i came to the conclusion that you can't compete with the big boys by just painting straight out of the pot... unfortunately, my photography sucks, and the camera doesn't capture any of the nuance... anyway, i set out to paint the studio scheme, in a more desaturated realistic style (a first for me)... basically, every color is shaded with a wash of P3 Coal Black and Battlefield Brown... this muddy blue gives everything a mellow shadow, instead of my usual comic book shading... the other experiment was to mix Underbelly Blue into all the colors for highlights... it made for a nice, mellow, harmony... the texture in his overcoat is a big first for me... i've seen some lovely cloth textures here on CMON, and need to experiment with all the different effects... this one took two tries, but hopefully the hatching is subtle enough now... the first try was pretty ham-fisted... finally, i sculpted a base for the first time... the wood planks turned out alright, but i need to slice the coins a bit thinner next time... so, i hope you like him, and he raises a bit of cash for Cancer research at the Clash for a Cure auction... thanks for looking... cheers jah

Posted: 11 Sep 2012

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He's looking nice. Hoping he managed to make some money for your charity.
24 Nov 2012 • Vote: 8

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