40k BT Razorback

We present: To prove that something intresting can be made out of old models, we present you BT Razorback with extra armor converted after Israeli M113 reactive armor. As a bonus will get mini diorama to make Razorback look great. All comments welcome. info@microartstudio.com

Posted: 10 Sep 2003

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for me it looks like from Horus Heresy SM, grimm, old-fashioned and very dark age - this vehicle with extra E.R.A. armour perfectly fits with it :D
23 Sep 2012 • Vote: 9
I think I´ve never given a vehicle a 10, so it´s time now; this one really catches the feel of the dark, gothic templars, while ceping this a military vehicle (i know how hard it is, have done military stuff for years) reactive armor is a cool thing, and the front plate with the purity seals just looks brilliant, +1 point for the magnificent vigniette-like base and the application of forgeworld parts - that´s what a 40K vehicle should look like!!
12 Sep 2003
something interesting? man... it's GREAT, SUPERB, etc etc... :) the model itself is good, but with this armour plates (especially on the sides) is great, however, for me, the back plates seem kind of stranege... but still it's a nine :)
10 Sep 2003 • Vote: 9

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