Athena Goddess of war

This a wonderful figure made by Figone. I have altered the figure a lot by removing her dress and hollowing out the helmet so it would fit over her head. The original face of the figure was very manly looking so I wanted to hide it. A complete SBS is located here where you can read the struggles I had with choosing a design for the shield.

Posted: 4 Nov 2012

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This is fantasy miniatures people !! Rate the technique and stop making your scores based on personal preference! Really this is subjective yes, but when some say in their opening statement there is nothing wrong with the painting technically, followed by a BUT .... Makes no sense. I had someone at the golden demon awards say my tree beard model was not to place due to I put a pine leaf on an oak tree. When the perry twins said yeah sure the pine shouldn't go on an oak but talking trees and hobbits aren't real either! Fantasy people tah see !! It's make bilieve !!
12 Dec 2013 • Vote: 10
Shes beautiful!!! =) message me the manufacturer when you get a chance! I love this mini! Love the Medusa free hand as well =)
15 Nov 2012 • Vote: 10
Kinda like the miniature and its technically really well done, but i dont like the shield and the other greenish parts. And also, its a roman column, why is there a roman column in a setting depicting greek mythology? So my rating really only represents my personal taste, i have nothing to criticise about the technique.
13 Nov 2012 • Vote: 7
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