Khalida, Tomb Queen

I just got this mini to paint because of peer preasure, mostly.. :P Anyways, this is different from most of my other minis because of the fact I gave extra highlights on areas I normally leave looking natural. I also use Hirstart blocka as the base, which suits the ruined look of it. I also had the chance to use Windsor & Newton brushes exclusively for this and I don't think I'll use any other brushes again! Note to my color theroy people: you may not see it, but some folds in the purple cloack got a wash with watered down dark green paint. Also, Gold NMM was done with Vallejo flesh colors and not yellows! The fact that I just got done playing in William Shakespere's Antony & Cleopatra really creeps me out with this mini, too... :P

Posted: 30 Sep 2003

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Sand Rat
Very nice, Chris. Did you use the standard winged scarab on the base, or did you modify it somewhat? Its hard to tell from the pictures.
1 Oct 2003 • Vote: 9
Overall a nice piece (especially the blue and gold) but the final highlights on the green and purple are way too abrupt for my tastes, more of a transition is needed. I love the base!
1 Oct 2003 • Vote: 8
Chrispy! I can't believe you found time away from posting to paint! Seriously, nice job on a mini I'm not all that fond of. Pretty color scheme, and the base is beautiful! that a mold line?
1 Oct 2003

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