Crimson Fist Capt

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Posted: 17 Apr 2002

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As said by Mahon, its very good, but some of the fiddly details are lacking. Fore example, the the terminator badge could use some highlighting and shading, but the Blue is just plain outstanding. Keep it up!
30 Aug 2002
I love the shade of blue, and the blending is very good. Maybe the white line on the left arm is a little sharp, but the rest is great. That swordblade is awesome. I don't think the blue and red clash, but something is off. I think the red is just too dark. A lighter color would make the piece more lively. Why is one glove red?
3 Jul 2002 • Vote: 8
The red and blue clash pretty badly. I love the way the blue is done so I'd suggest a different red. Perhaps the problem is difficulty in shading red? I really don't like the tattoo on the face. It doesn't look like anything, doesn't look random enough, and it's blue... blue like the rest of the model. I like it okay but it has several artistic problems.
26 Jun 2002
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