Immortal Champion of the Lady. SILVER at GD Germany 2013

Hello, I'd like to present the bigest and the most time consuming project I did so far. It took me about 250 hours overal - to build the diorama, slightly convert the miniatures and paint the whole. It have some flaws as I run out of time, and some elements were painted very fast so I could manage finish it for GD. Still I'm happy that I did it on time. Also I wants to deeply apologise for my behaviour during taking GD awards. It was strong emotions that prevailed over common sense. For last 2 days before GD I barely slept paiting for over 35 h non-stop with only 4 hours of sleping and even in Cologne I was finishing this entry from 2 a.m till 10 a.m on sunday. I was extremly exausted and didn't manage to cool down and look at my entry in objective way. Jarheds work was absolutely epic, full of drama and for sure deserved the sword. Best regards, Lan P.S. Diorama is for SALE. I also accept commissions.

Posted: 18 Aug 2013

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Probably the most detailed piece I have ever seen, I am lost for words really. I can't speak about the GD event (i must have missed it) but I think if this was my piece and it came anywhere but 1st place I would have cried my eyes out. I have absolutely no idea how you can paint detail that well and can only wish that I can paint this well in my lifetime. A straight 10/10 as it's absolutely perfect!
14 Nov 2013 • Vote: 10
The painting is very nice, but I can't say I'm a 100% on the composition of the diorama. Out of curiosity, what happened during the award ceremony?
16 Oct 2013 • Vote: 9
The miniature painting is superb but the diorama looks too empty for me. The horses stance on the slope looks wrong.
26 Aug 2013 • Vote: 9
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