Immortal Champion of the Lady. SILVER at GD Germany 2013

Hello, I'd like to present the bigest and the most time consuming project I did so far. It took me about 250 hours overal - to build the diorama, slightly convert the miniatures and paint the whole. It have some flaws as I run out of time, and some elements were painted very fast so I could manage finish it for GD. Still I'm happy that I did it on time. Also I wants to deeply apologise for my behaviour during taking GD awards. It was strong emotions that prevailed over common sense. For last 2 days before GD I barely slept paiting for over 35 h non-stop with only 4 hours of sleping and even in Cologne I was finishing this entry from 2 a.m till 10 a.m on sunday. I was extremly exausted and didn't manage to cool down and look at my entry in objective way. Jarheds work was absolutely epic, full of drama and for sure deserved the sword. Best regards, Lan P.S. Diorama is for SALE. I also accept commissions.

Posted: 18 Aug 2013

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As a single piece the knight is great, in fact the other individual pieces are also great ... but as a constructed piece the diorama is awful, sorry you simply did not make the knight fit in any pleasing way which has to happen in a diorama scene. Looking at the overall view its just cringe-worthy the way the knight piece is just plonked on the diorama. The angles, flow and position are so wrong. Apologies for the harsh review, but you have to be told so you can revisit the reason why you submit diorama pieces and improve.
2 Sep 2013 • Vote: 4
Is it taht hard use your fantasy, it´s a gust of wind that makes the cape swing that way;P No hard feelings.
28 Aug 2013 • Vote: 10
Great Diorama !!! I have seen it on GD and it is really amazing .Thumbs up for your apolagising I take my hat for your self-awareness, now also in my eyes you deserve the silver Deamon . Next your it`s gonna be gold man !!
27 Aug 2013 • Vote: 10
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