WARHAMMER 40K Space Wolves Rune Priest

New Rune Priest for Space Wolves army. and my favourite saying,Enjoy !!!! info@microartstudio.com

Posted: 19 Oct 2003

7.8 /10 (151 Votes) 4.2k Views

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Usagi Ninja
I really like the colors on this guy, though they aren't standard. Matter of fact, since I don't know how to paint the codex colors for Space Wolves, I think I'll just steal these. :D
27 Jul 2005 • Vote: 7
this may be the most realistic spacewolf I´ve seen so far, the armor is extremely beautiful, and the face really shows; pelts have kind of a strange color, but I see why you used it (not to blend with the armor); perhaps a kind of 'frozen steppi 'base would have been better than snow, this looks a bit like food (honestly) and I don´t really like it; evrythink else is perfect however
21 Oct 2003

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