Nikolaus Von Klessnir

Another adventurer from my diorama...This is one of my favourite uman minis...and one of the first good work I think I've done. ...sorry for my English...

Posted: 20 Oct 2003

7.3 /10 (101 Votes) 2.0k Views

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Gunamar Ironwill
Too kind!!Thank you so much Pete.I really appreciate your works and I'm proud to have such an high vote from you!
9 Oct 2004 • Vote: 8
This looks very cool, The highlighting is sharp, but the colours are nice and muted so it doesn't look too over the top. I like the purple particlarly on the boots. The chestplate emblem is very cool, and the details on the base really add to the piece. Nice work, I'm sure the diorama was excellent!
20 Oct 2003 • Vote: 9

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