Undead King Bust

Undead King Bust Limited edition resin model. Casted in France with the best quality resin to facilitate the preparation, assembly and painting of the model. Original sculpt edited by Master Miniatures from a Romain Van Der Bogaert sculpt. Master Miniatures managed to acquire the production rights and decided to satisfy 300 lucky fans!. Original painting Mohamed "Mohand" ait mehdi :) It was a real pleasure to paint this miniatures sculpted by the maestro Romain Van de Bogaert ! Let me know what do you think about my paint job ;) You can find cast of this miniatures on this link : http://www.taban-miniatures.com/shop2/product_info.php?products_id=624&pID=624&language=en

Posted: 17 Nov 2013

9.4 /10 (80 Votes) 5.3k Views

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He looks like a pleasant fella. Just look at that smile :) Loving the verdigris!
19 Apr 2014 • Vote: 9
WOW! its so fantastic
30 Nov 2013 • Vote: 10
Thanks to all of you ;) I prefer this rating with all your comments than a better rating without your comment :D
21 Nov 2013
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