Thranduil, elven king of mirkwood

A mini I made for a painting competition in my local GW store. I really liked painting it, it's a lovely miniature! It is also the first diorama base I EVER built. And my first try with water, which totally failed ^^ now it is a river instead of a little lake in the corner... I rescued it quite well I think. Comments are very welcome! I tried to implement a lot of hints I got for my previous work in this miniature. Hope you like it, please rate!

Posted: 2 Jan 2014

6.1 /10 (30 Votes) 1.4k Views

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I gave this a 10 because it is rated way too low at 5.5, I really like the forest floor and the freehand on the inside of his cloak. The face and sword are also very well done. The only thing I could say to help in terms of improvement would be to perhaps highlight a bit further on the red and the top third of his green robe, also perhaps some further shading on his crown.
6 Jan 2014 • Vote: 10

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